Theory and practice

The success of every website we create is based on strategy. In order for your brand to stand out from the competition, we need to create an experience that makes it easy for your customers to get exactly what they need.

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How do you make your website really resonate with your customer?

Competitor analysis

Part of our strategic process includes learning everything we can about your competition. We will learn more about how they are performing in the market and discover opportunities for you to stand out.

Keyword Research

We identify how the audience is searching, which will guide our messages, and any content we may create for you.

Discernment of your audience

We learn everything we can about your audience, which will help us find the best ways to connect with them. We even create user stories and characters to better conceptualize user experience (UX), design, and product creation.

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The fundamental elements

At this point, we are ready to build an effective, high-performing, personalized site that will benefit your customers and improve your search engine performance and, most importantly, lead conversion. In our experience, successful sites have a number of elements that we focus on.


When potential customers visit your site, they need to immediately know who you are and what you represent. What do you do? Who is your business for? What products and services do you offer? What is the benefit / result that people get? Your content should answer those questions at a glance and should always be benefit-driven.


Good structure means that your site is easy to navigate, intuitive, and highly functional. Encourage people to easily view your products and click “Add to Quote”, “Subscribe”, “Request Sample Box” – in other words, drive conversions.

Identity / Design

More than looking good, we will focus on projecting your identity digitally. With a sophisticated structure, an organized and clean site, your brand will appear: sophisticated, organized and clean. As easy as that. User experience is paramount for success.


A funnel is a sequence of steps designed to turn a potential customer into a customer. Funnels are the reason many online businesses work today. More than the usual “visit site -> see product -> initiate payment -> offer additional sales -> complete the purchase” we can design, implement and automate resources such as promotional codes, coupons, volume discounts, etc.

Trust building

Elements like: a solid design, testimonials, reviews, SEO. help you build trust online. We can make sure your site can handle all of that so that the most important thing can shine: your products. (We also handle social media, which plays an important role in building trust …)


Search engines like Google reward site speed and prioritize fast, professionally developed websites. For these reasons, we create your website in accordance with all the best practices and the best tools; That includes: (1) Progressive Web App (PWA) (2) Technical SEO and schema markup throughout the site. Made at code level (3) Accessibility and (4) GDPR if required.

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