Jamie Stevens MA, NCC, LCPC

National Certified Counselor
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors

Jamie is a skilled and experienced therapist with more than 15 years of expertise in the area of neurodiversity. She possesses an extensive range of techniques that can provide significant benefits to her clients, including improved executive functioning, self-regulation, self-acceptance, social abilities, mood regulation, and overall mental well-being. Jamie’s approach to therapy is centered around the individual, putting her clients’ needs at the forefront of her practice. She is an authorized service provider for most insurance providers, offering top-quality therapeutic treatments to those in need.

Jake Pearson MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselors

Mr. Jake Pearson is a qualified clinical counselor who has successfully completed the counseling program from Eastern Illinois University. Mr. Pearson has gained valuable experience in working with children as well as clients of all ages. His therapeutic approach mostly involves person-centered techniques but he also incorporates strength-based and cognitive-behavioral therapy methods. Mr. Pearson has extensive experience working with individuals who face challenges related to anxiety, anger management, gender issues, and other life experiences. His objective is to promote his clients’ empowerment in order to enable them to achieve their optimal physical and mental well-being. He does this by providing guidance in the areas of communication skills and thought patterns, in addition to offering unwavering support throughout the counseling process.

Sharva Hampton-Campbell EdD, LSW

Licensed Professional Counselors

Dr. Sharva possesses over two decades of experience in offering therapy, coaching, and mentoring services to individuals, inclusive of children, adolescents, adults, and families entangled in the child welfare system. Employing a collaborative and strength-based tactic, along with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), she provides her clients with the tools necessary to overcome challenges. Dr. Sharva takes pride in encouraging her clients to examine their aspirations in life, guiding them to achieving their fullest potential. Leveraging a profound understanding of an eclectic set of scholastic, professional, and personal experiences, Dr. Sharva utilizes narratives, storytelling, and journaling techniques to help clients identify their strengths and levels of resilience. Her philosophy advocates the sentiment that “Everybody has a story, telling it can be a vehicle that
promotes healing and personal development.”

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