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Hailing from the western Panamanian highlands and nestled at the foot of Volcan Barú, Panama’s tallest peak, Gaia is the product of 4 generations of coffee cultivation. As luck would have it, agriculture was destined to be a successful path for our family thanks to past volcanic eruptions and an eternal spring-like climate. The nutrient rich land which we labor upon is characterized by volcanic ash and black clay soil that can be farmed year round, with temperatures constantly hovering between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to the physical substance of our farmland, we’re defined by a belief in sustainable agriculture. We implement eco-friendly practices at every juncture in order to ensure that future generations will be able to follow in our footsteps. These practices include agroforestry, natural processes (hand-picking, sun drying, etc.), composting, and the use of organic fertilizers.


Our Roots
in Nature

At Gaia, we breathe life into our commitment to ecological harmony. Rooted in the lush landscapes of Tierras Altas, Chiriquí, Panama, our journey begins with a profound respect for the environment. Every sip of Gaia coffee embodies a pledge to nurture and protect the earth.
Gaia's coffee is a celebration of organic purity. Delicately cultivated without synthetic pesticides or chemicals, our beans blossom under the canopy of nature's wisdom. Immerse yourself in the richness of a coffee that not only invigorates your senses but also preserves the vitality of the earth.

The Essence of
Organic Purity


Embark on a sensory voyage with Gaia's single-origin coffee. From the pristine heights of Tierras Altas, Chiriquí, our beans capture the essence of a unique terroir. Each cup tells a story of the sun-kissed slopes and fertile soils, transporting you to the heart of Panama's coffee-growing paradise.
Gaia is more than just a coffee brand; it's a catalyst for change. We're sowing the seeds of environmental consciousness in our community. Through sustainable practices and community initiatives, we strive to inspire a collective awakening to the beauty and fragility of our planet. Join us in cultivating a future where every sip contributes to a greener, more harmonious world.

Cultivating Environmental Consciousness


At Gaia, social impact and environmental sustainability are our two fundamental tenets. We don’t believe in simply throwing money at things in the name of philanthropy; instead, we like to get personal. If that means we’ve got to get our hands dirty, then we get dirty! Under this philosophy we created our fledgling corporate sustainability initiative, Green Foods School Garden, at the local public school La Escuela Nueva California. In our first year, we laid the framework for a successful school garden that can operate in perpetuity. This involved various essential factors, such as building a relationship with the professors, getting permission from the school board, and figuring out how to involve the students in both a practical and educational manner. After successfully collaborating with the school staff, students, and other local businesses that helped with donations, we were able to benefit over 400 students who suffer from food insecurity by providing them with regular care packages of produce to take home to their families. In years to come, we hope to expand upon this program by adding improvements such as a compost area, a fully functional greenhouse, and a culinary element where the school’s cafeteria implements the garden’s produce into its own lunch offerings.

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"Doss is a great guy with a passion for Panamanian culture. When he told me about the coffee, I tried it, and I'm glad I did. It's the best coffee I can get my hands on in town."

Lorena Barker

I recently tried it and it was amazing! Cristina recommended it to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You should definitely give it a try if you haven't already. It's a simple pleasure that's sure to make your day.

Helen Closs

This coffee is amazing! The roasted aroma and rich taste are unparalleled. Every sip is satisfying and the flavor blend is harmonious, creating warmth and comfort. The pleasant aftertaste is delightful, making it a true masterpiece that's evident in every step of production.

Lilly Brown

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